Mutation in men’s Y chromosome eyed for more accurate DNA testing

DNA Crime scene

Scientist at the University of the Philippines – Diliman (UPD) searches for mutation in Y-chromosomes for more accurate DNA testing.

The ongoing study aims to establish more accurate DNA testing in solving crime.

Since Y-chromosome is found only in men, Y-chromosome DNA typing is very effective for male identification in crimes where men, such as in sexual assaults, are the usual suspect. However, the current method in Y-chromosome DNA testing may get inaccurate results when paternally-related men like brothers or fathers-and-sons, are involved in crimes.

During her presentation at the DOST Biotechnology Forum last 28 November 2013, which was conducted as part of the 9th National Biotechnology Week celebration, Dr. Maria Corazon De Ungria, the researcher,said that the study deviates from the status quo in Y-DNA testing by focusing on the rapidly mutating markers in Y-DNA.

Mutations occur when the Y-chromosome is passed from the father to the son resulting to variation in Y-DNA markers among male individuals in a family, as explained by Dr. De Ungria. By focusing on these variations, forensic experts can match one DNA to a person with more accuracy than with the conventional methods used today in DNA testing, even among suspects who are paternally-related by blood.

Dr. De Ungria said that in reality, there is no textbook template in solving crimes, especially when the crime involves a number of victims and suspects. She insisted that with experience and skill of forensic experts, a very accurate method of DNA testing can help a lot in finding the truth.

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